We must be crazy! To be fair, Shelly will always tell you I’m a little off my rocker any day of the week. But planning to sell it all, buy a boat, and cruise it into the blue waters of the Caribbean — with no sailing experience, nor the money to buy the boat…

Yeah, we’re flippin’ nuts! But it’s our dream! One we’re going to make happen!

We’ve always been drawn to the water, needed it, the ocean, the sand, the sounds of the waves crashing on the shore, the wind in our face, and the wind blowing us towards a new destination. It’s our dream and one we’re going to pursue before we’re too old to run after it, one that we’ve been cultivating for probably more than 15 years (yeah, we were inches away from deciding to raise our boys on a boat, but chickened out).

As for sailing experience, though, I can’t say that we don’t have “any”. I spent a few years in my youth borrowing the neighbor’s Laser, and my wife and I grew up on the water. We’ve been sailing a Hobie Island for almost a year now, too — but that’s no 53 foot Amel ketch.

Sailing experience isn’t the hard part for us, though. At least for right now. We’re quick studies and a lifetime of taking life’s “hard” road taught us how to adapt, learn quickly, and improvise. No, the hard part for us is explaining to friends and family who won’t understand our choice to go get out and live and see the world we live in.

SailingIntoTheBlue will be our story, our journal, of how we get there. The good parts, the bad parts, the hard parts, and the in-betweens. We’ve spent years dreaming big, but finally have the to chance to go grab it.

Welcome to day one of our dream.

Sailing Into The Blue