Shelly and I have noticed a change in our buying philosophy over the past few months (almost a year really)… if we can’t use it on the boat, we don’t buy it. And instead of that shiny new (insert stuff of your choice, couch, lawnmower, Keurig, 80 inch 4K TV) we’ve been looking at each other and asking, “Can we use it on the boat?”. And if the answer is no, then we don’t buy it. No questions asked. No afterthoughts, either.

That means instead of an xBox One for my birthday so I can play the new Fallout, we’re looking at foul weather gear or good headlamps (Zebra, in case any of you crazy kids get the hankering to send me a surprise 🙂

A few years ago, when we moved from our lake home and into the city, we decided to downsize, get rid of mounds of “stuff” we really didn’t need or use anymore, and become “non-consumers”. Little did we know that was paving the way to getting back to our dream of getting off the couch and seeing the world.