Yes, we’re like fickle little teenagers when it comes to boat selection these days. And though we have a year before we’re in a position to buy our future home, we keep going back and forth, back and forth, on mono v.s. catamaran. It’s really become quite frustrating.

It may surprise you that it’s not the performance specs, speed (though that’s nice too!), or the stability… It’s the roomy feel that keeps drawing us back to cats. You have to remember, our boat will be our home. A place where I have to feel safe that Shelly isn’t going to shove me overboard because I’m getting on her nerves and invading her space. But also feel safe that our new home will get my beautiful bride back to shore safely.

What have we been looking at?

Lagoon 380’s

Hunter 41’s

Beneteau 423’s

PDQ 32’s

Just to name a few. To be honest, I have about 40 different Safari bookmarks and it’s almost become a daily ritual to flip through them finding features we love, and ones we don’t.

They need to make a “Build-a-Bear” shop for boats! I would be able to just walk in and pick what features we want!