Check out what a friend of our’s is doing!  The Gift of Cruising

We’re throwing our hat into the drawing, too. Anything to help us make sense of the “great boat hunt of 2016”. It’s been very frustrating so far. Every time we think we’ve found something we like, I hear someone say something negative about that manufacturer or boat, or whatnot. We’ve almost come to believe there are boat snobs out there that just criticize anything that isn’t either a 1/2 million dollar boat, or something that wasn’t built by Rambo and honed out of trees that he knocked down with his forehead. Yes, I’ve been spending way to much time on the forums and know that trying to make a point with some of those people is like trying to make Trump happy.


But, for a chance to win something like Pam’s services to help us find the right boat, one we love, that is sound, and isn’t going to cost us 20 grand in re-rigging a month later… You bet your blue bottom we’re jumping on it!


Lance and Shelly

Sailing Into The Blue

P.S… Full disclosure: No, this is NOT a sponsored post. I just like to make fun of Trump and someone as cool as Pam Wall deserves a shout out 🙂