We’re putting together a list of weird and quirky things that we’ve learned about living aboard, before we even have a boat, and I plan on making a separate page out of it one day, but here it is so far:

The Weird List:

  • “If you didn’t eat it, it doesn’t get flushed”. Can’t explain. Just Google it.
  • “Don’t take camouflage clothing.” Not that we really would, but it’s outlawed in some islands of the Caribbean.
  • “In a lightning storm, put your portable electronics in the oven.” After research, I found out this actually acts like a Faraday cage and protects your digital bits from the limited range effects of lightning’s EMP pulse.
  • We’ll be washing our laundry in a tub, on the deck, by hand.
  • “Hanging plastic pom-pom’s on the rigging keeps the birds off your deck.” If not, they poop all over it and guess who’s on his hands and knees scrubbing that?
  • The best, longest shower we will get is outside, in the rain. I hope it’s a warm rain!

What quirky/weird things have you guys learned?

Sailing Into The Blue