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5149596_20150710124600400_1_XLARGEShelly and I have spent the last few days digging deep into Tartan yachts, the 3700 and 3500 specifically, and Internet-stalking the crap out of them. We really like the layout. It’s got a lot of features we’re looking for in the layout: separate shower, and nav station, a good sized water tank, good galley setup, and a good sized engine for the weight — seemingly. We also like the berth setup, and from the photos they look fairly roomy with plenty of storage.

Tartans also seem to have a good rep for being strong boats from what I’ve read (so far). The worst I’ve found is that the cup-and-lid design of the deck mounted to the hull seemed to bring some concerns to critics when the model first came out, but time has since shown that Tartan got it right. And for the most part, I really can’t find many people being critical of this boat at all.


We really do love the main salon, too. They claim to have “furniture grade main cabin settees…” and it really looks like they do. We can easily picture ourselves stretched out and sipping on margaritas with friends, or cuddled up watching a movie.


Obviously, we haven’t stepped aboard one yet and our “lusting over photos love affair” may quickly turn into a teak-masted “Fatal Attraction”, but she’s the boat de-jour (as a good friend called it messaging me from St. Maarten yesterday). Who knows, tomorrow we may have our eyes on a new lady, but for now…

There are tons of “for-sale” videos on youtube that showcase the boat, but we like to find clips of people actually living aboard and we found a pretty good one if you’re interested:

And the search goes on…

Sailing Into The Blue