It’s really not! We REALLY want to be in a new boat (new to us) tomorrow, setting sail for the Keys, Havana, skipping down the Bahamas and into the BVI’s. But patience is something that’s becoming an acquired taste. We have a lot to get done this spring and summer before we can start transitioning to the coast. And constantly watching YouTube videos of others making the leap to living on the water, or people already cruising, isn’t helping to ease that yearning either!

But, all good things come to those who have a little patience, so for now, we’re banging hard on the books, studying and soaking up as much as we can. Things like this little tidbit: I always assumed the shower and sinks, along with the head (toilet), drained into the holding tank. Wrong. Apparently, only the head drains into the hold on most sail boats. The sinks and showers drain into the bilge. On one hand that’s odd to me because I’d want to keep my bilge as dry as possible, but on the other hand I guess that would fill up the hold quite quickly and you just can’t dump the hold into the sea at the marina. Well, some people do, but it’s nasty-wrong!

You guys correct me if I’m wrong here on the plumbing!

Until then, we’re counting the days until our ASA 101 course in March and longing for warmer weather so we can get our Hobie back in the water.


Sailing Into The Blue