So I haven’t posted in a while. We’ve had a lot of sickness floating through the house for several weeks: mono, walking pneumonia, upper respiratory infections, the plague — well, not really the plague, but it’s felt like it. So I haven’t really felt like pounding on the keyboard for an hour while hacking up a lung, but we’ve been keeping busy boat searching, studying, and watching YouTube vlogs while popping handfuls of Advil.

Fear not, though. We’re finally on the mend (we hope!) and Shelly and I sat outside on the patio this afternoon soaking up some sun and whittling away at our ASA 101 handbook studying tacking and jibing, sail foot and clew, bowlines and sailing “in the groove”. Our class is getting close, only a few weeks away now, and we’re getting excited and making plans for “downers” with friends at the end of the day on their boat.

Sailing Into The Blue