Lots of people have asked, “What about Family? How can you leave your family?”  We have really thought about that question for some time now and here’s what it comes down to for us: Lance and I have a very large family, and are all very close, so it will not be an easy transition for us, or our families. However, today’s technologies are wonderful tools to keep in touch with almost anyone.  We will always have Skype, FaceTime, and cell phones, but also through our blog and YouTube videos we plan on sharing our adventure with family and friends.

We hope that everyone will follow along on this incredible journey. Stepping onto a boat and sailing into the blue doesn’t mean never coming back, nor does it mean being out of touch.  Of course, on special holidays we will leave the boat and be with family, and in emergencies we will definitely make every effort to come back home.

We hope to have family join us from time to time, too.  What a way to share the experience — one on one with our friends and family.  So I guess, all in all, we really aren’t leaving our family, we are taking them with us on every bit of this journey!
Sailing Into The Blue
Shelly & Lance