The SUV is almost packed and we’re about to mosey down to Pensacola for the first of our sailing classes, the ASA101. The weather forecast is not that great, but after a phone call with the instructor this morning we’re going to give it a shot anyway. Tomorrow should bring us lots of rain, but Saturday is threatening thunderstorms on us. Out on the open water isn’t such a great place to be in a 22ft Capri with a big metal stick aimed at the sky. Sunday will be sunny, but 25-30mph winds. Again, not so great at learning to sail when the whole time you’re just fighting to keep the boat under control. But we’re gonna make a go at it anyway.

Besides, this Friday night is Gallery Night in P’cola and we’re looking forward to walking the shops, eating street food, and catching up with great friends!

Keeping our fingers crossed!

Sailing Into The Blue