Sadly, not much. A friend called it “Reality Check”. It’s that day after a weekend of great sailing, the “Monday”, when they have to go back to work and reality hits them. And unfortunately it hit us as soon as we got back from sailing in Pensacola. Work has been crazy, along with our 2 son’s weddings in the next couple of months, and everything else that life is throwing at us.

It’s going to be a crazy next 2 months for us and then things will be settling down and our focus will be moving to the coast and buying a boat.

I was, however, able to have a little time to put together a trailer for the videos we plan to put out on YouTube of our first sailing experiences. Here’s a link so let us know what you think, please!!!!

We need YouTube subscribers too!

We’re trying to get a custom address for all the videos we’re putting out, and going to put out, but YouTube requires us to have 100 subscribers, so PLEASE subscribe to us there too!

I’ve got over 10 hours of video to go through and process from our weekend in Pensacola so hopefully we’ll get some time soon to start working on it.

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