A friend posted this little meme on Facebook and it was a cold reminder of how life has been lately.


We’re starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel with work projects closing, life projects getting wrapped up, and getting our sons married and moved off into their own lives. But with my job being so crazy these last few years I wonder what I’m teaching my sons by example. I want them to have strong work ethics, but I don’t want them to be driving themselves into the ground and living for “the job”. I definitely haven’t set a good example of balancing life and family these last few months by working 50, 60, 70, and even 90 hour work weeks. This week, as an example, I had put in my 40 by 9:30 Wednesday morning. Think about that for a moment. I had completed a normal person’s work week by the time I got coffee Wednesday morning. I started work Monday at the typical 8:00am, but the work day stretched into the night (all night with no sleep) and into the next day. By the time my Monday ended on Tuesday at 10:00pm I had already worked 39 hours this week — did I mention with no sleep. To make things worse, this isn’t a strange work week for me. It’s been like this every two weeks or so for months and months. Probably about a year and a half. Maybe two.

Want to know the sad part……. I’m on salary so ALL that overtime is given away on my part for the sake of “being about the job”.

So again, what kind of example have I set for my kids? There is dedication to your job, and then there is living for work and that’s exactly what Shelly and I are giving up. Living our lives for other’s profit and gain while our dreams sit on hold.

And this part isn’t meant as a meme, or some kind of inspirational blab. It’s just me being honest about myself, but…. It’s taken me a while (20+ years of career) to realize that my success is NOT measured by wealth, position, and title. To my sons: Success is in how much my wife likes me today, how much love I’ve had time to devote to her today (and each day), what time I’ve spent with my sons and what I’m teaching them through example.

So many times we hear from friends (and especially family), “So you’re just gonna give up your job and sail?!?!?!” (insert shocked expression)

Yeah, you bet your sweet bottom I am. I’m throwing in the towel on the “American dream” of life-long career and life-long jobs taking me away from my family and working me for 80 hours, but only paying me for 40. I’m giving up the indentured “security” of a career for taking short jobs here and there so we can live our lives exploring the world, exploring life together as husband and wife, and experience new things and places that inspire us to be a part of this beautiful world, instead of just watching it on TV while our butts grow bigger and bigger in the chair we can’t get out of.

A good friend keeps telling me, “QUIT YOUR DAMN JOB ALREADY!” And while that special moment is still a few more months out, that day IS coming. So don’t fret Annie! The pressure-cooker job is going to have to do without my 80 hours a week, and soon!

In the mean time, here’s a peek at what we’ve been looking at lately for our new home on the sea.

An Oceanis 400

A Tartan 3500