Shelly and I spent a much needed week on Dauphin Island relaxing and sailing. And I’d love to say we have some fantastic GoPro footage to share, but some idiot (Lance) left the batteries at home. Shelly kept reminding me of it every time a dauphin played along our port side, or our speed kicked up to 8 or 9 knots. But we did get some good photos to share.


Sailing out to Sand Island


Found a bunch of what we think are Sea Gull eggs in sand nests.


Shelly turned to me and said, “And they said it would be a three hour tour…” Seriously though, I actually think most of the boat was intact under the sand because there were a ton of wires and other debris sticking out of the sand behind it that could NOT be budged.


I had long since given up on finding Sea Horses in the bay, but did stumble upon this little guy. Sadly dead, but proof that I just need to keep looking for his relatives (the living ones).



We also took a ferry across the bay (Yeah, I’m sporting the “screw it” vacation beard) and drove up to Pirates Cove to look at a Jeanneau 37 that didn’t impress us that much as a future home. She wasn’t taken care of very well and was quite filthy. The design over all wasn’t bad, but the boat just didn’t feel like home.


The Jeanneau 37

She sat in one of the most beautiful marinas we have ever visited, though! Barber Marina. It’s complete with huge 30 foot fountains, life size dinosaurs and a replica of Stonehenge. No joke!

IMG_2839The 4 hour trip wasn’t wasted though. On the ferry ride back Shelly looked down and pointed out a plaque. Apparently I was standing in the exact spot where President Obama stood almost 5 years ago to the day.

By the end of the week we got to take a look at a few other boats. Most were in bad shape, BUT one in particular has our eye at the moment and we’re seriously considering it, but it has some drawbacks and the timing is just bad (according to “The Plan”). but, serous boat shopping is already under way. We’ve got most of the major events and obstacles over come or taken care of and now we’re ramping up to head south!!

And speaking of life craziness… Now that things are slowing down, and we’re getting much closer to getting a boat, we will be posting to the blog a lot more regularly and giving updates at what we’re looking at.

Lance & Shelly