That moment when you walk through the back half of your house and it looks like you’re walking through an empty house that’s for sale…

So last week a moving truck came by and collected the last of our oldest kid’s stuff, leaving only 1 of our 3 bedrooms occupied. It’s strange having more than half of your house empty. Is there such a thing as empty-nest-syndrome? I think we’ve got it. Every time we walk out of our bedroom and look down the hall to the two empty bedrooms in the back we just stop and stare for a moment. Often I’ve caught myself thinking, “Did I just walk into the wrong house?”

On the other hand, it’s refreshing to have the house to myself with my wife. It’s like those times we took a “Mom & Dad” vacation (you parents know what I’m talking about) and suddenly that vacation is perminant.

On another note… Shelly and I have finally nailed down our plan to get to the coast and get on the water. I am currently on the job hunt for work in Pensacola, FL or Mobile, AL. As soon as I find something that will trigger a couple of things: I will find a short term apartment (maybe even furnished) and head down to my new job. At the same time, a for sale sign goes up on the house and we call a moving company. We don’t expect the sale to take long. In the past six months we’ve actually had complete strangers ring our door bell and ask if we were interested in selling anytime soon. We’d laugh and say, “Why yes we are.”