Today is Shelly’s last day working landlocked. Tomorrow will officially be mine, but it’s sort of today too. I’ve spent the day removing myself from the company’s systems and purging my computer of company files. And yeah, it feels great. There is a certain joy we get now — though a lot of people still think we’re crazy — in purging “things” from our life.

coaster-pergola-double-pedestal-executive-desk-with-felt-lined-drawers-800511-1-_rawTake furniture for example. While we’re not making much money for the cruising kitty from selling a good portion of our household right now, it’s extremely satisfying, to us, to see the amount of “stuff” we have dwindle! It’s exciting to be getting back to the basics.

And YES, that’s exactly what the desk looks like that we just sold (hopefully). Why we had to have such a desk in our home? I have no freaking idea. But we did. I’m sure it made sense then. Sort of.

In a way it feels like we’re coming to our senses, shifting our mentality from being consumer collectors of “things” to spending our money wisely, and really asking ourselves before making a purchase, “Do we really need this?”.

Moving to the coast update…

So far, everything is going as planned and scheduled. Our last day in Birmingham should be October 3rd (if there isn’t a problem with the moving company) so we’ve got a LOT to do next week: Packing, setting up a yard sale to purge even more, turning on power and water at our new place, boat hunting on the side, purging stuff even more, finding places to donate to, etc…

With any luck, hard work, and planning, we should be waking up on the 4th smelling the bay breeze and hearing the seagulls 🙂

Sailing Into The Blue

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