img_2984Ok. I know I’ve done a crappy job updating the blog lately, and the fact that I’m posting this with the mobile app should tell you how crazy it’s been lately, but…

WE’VE MOVED! We’re officially coastal living and reside in a hurricane zone 🙂 But let’s just hope they stay away!

I really hoped to have had the time to post more, but we’ve been out having to much fun 🙂 We’ve looked at several boats over the past few weekends, and re-looked at one in particular. We’ll call her “VE” for now and “VE” is in immaculate condition. The interior wood needs a little love in a couple of places, but she only has 500 engine hours, has a fat bottom (what’s what we call spacious) with a 13ft beam, and two master staterooms with two heads. “VE” also has a fantastic swim platform. The only drawbacks at this point are the lack of a generator, solar panels, and a water maker, but those are things we can add after the purchase. And yes, we’re finally convinced we’ve found “the” boat. We always seem to come back to this boat. But, we’ll just have to see where it goes from here.

With any luck we’ll be touring “VE” again next weekend and talking with the broker about next-steps.

Until then, keep the dreams alive kids!

Sailing Into The Blue