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When the wind blow, the boat go… but when it blow too much, just have beer and gumbo and BS each other on the docks.

img_3076It looks like we won’t be sailing in tomorrow’s club fun race. Winds are expected to blow between 20 and 30 knots and if you remember those were the same conditions we were in when we completed our certification course last spring. And while it was fun, we don’t care to get beat up like that again, nor put the boat at risk of dumping it into the sea, again.

Learning to sail weekend (Sunday)

BUT, beer and gumbo by chef Darren will more than make up for it. And Sunday promises to be a little lighter winds so we’re going to try to get out on the water and do some sailing then. It’s looking like 14 to 18 knots so far so we’re keeping our fingers crossed.

More later…

Sailing Into The Blue