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We’ve been crazy busy packing and getting stocked up for the trip down to St. Pete this weekend. On the forefront of our minds has been safety so I’ve spent 2 hours of my life today getting a new MMSI number for our VHF emergency beacon, and getting our EPIRB (satellite beacon) re-registered as us, with our new boat name (nope, not telling yet), and emergency contacts updated.

Besides emergency beacons, new inflatable PFDs, tethers (to keep our sail-happy butts INSIDE the boat) we’ve also been whipping out all that stuff we’ve been stockpiling for a year. Things that we’ve been saying, “You know, that would be cool for the boat — if we ever get one.”

If you have any suggestions for provisions or provisioning, PLEASE drop in a comment below. We love to hear from more experienced sailors!

As for the passage next week, it’s still looking good. Our weather window is holding with a forecast of 15-24 knot winds, 2-5 foot seas, and mostly clear skies.

Boat repairs are going smoothly too, so-far. New VHF should be in on Friday, starboard upper shroud has been replaced, and propane tanks are going to get tested tomorrow. Don’t need one of those things blowing a crater in our boat halfway across the gulf (one of them failed inspection at the survey). Also had the fuel tanks cleaned today and the diesel polished. The guy found a ton of sediment in the bottom and even water. Glad we decided to jump on that before the passage home instead of saying, “Meh, we’ll take care of it once we get the boat home.”

Stay tuned you guys. More coming soon!

Sailing Into The Blue