Here’s a roundup of who and what we’re reading: from heroes and inspirations, to thing’s we’ve studied and site’s we keep an eye on.


Mostly people we hope to meet up with on the water some day, people who have influenced us, and some we’ve already shared downers with and can’t wait till the next one:

the boat galley
mid-life cruising
life on the hook
The cynical sailor & his salty sidekick
Catching The Horizon
s/v Delos
Have Wind Will Travel
The Nomad Trip
Sailing Totem
s/v Smitty
Where The Coconuts Grow
Zero to Cruising!

YouTubes We Follow…

Follow The Boat — We love these two! so honest and informative. They inspire the hell out of us!
Have Wind Will Travel — extremely informative and honest, and great people too!
Monday Never — if we could only never have another monday again!
Sailing La Vagabonde — these guys are hitting some of the most beautiful places and elayna has a beautiful voice
Sundowner Sails Again — we’re sad to see dani and tate on shore again, but great videos

Our Bookmarks…

Places we’re watching or using or will be using:

ASA – American Sailing Association
Lanier Sailing Academy — who we’re using to get our ASA certifications
Hobie Tandem Island — our little gateway drug to the blue waters. We LOVE this thing! — a good source of info on piracy


Sailing Into The Blue


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